Festival Croisements 2019 VISUAL IDENTITY


JITU studio created the whole VISUAL IDENTITY of the FESTIVAL CROISEMENTS’s 14th édition and is, for the 4th consecutive year, its communication partner.


The “Institut Français” (French Institute), entrusted by the French government with promoting French culture abroad through artistic exchanges: performing arts, visual arts, architecture, the worldwide diffusion of French books, film, technology and ideas. It has a strong presence and network all over the world,  helping to promote local cultures around the world. For the “Festival Croisements” it benefit from the support and the platform of the “French Embassy in China”.


Through a pitching process we’ve been selected and commissioned to create, develop and design the 14thedition of the Festival Croisements. This festival is a multidisciplinary festival that aims to showcase the vitality and creativity of the French artistic and cultural scenes in China. It also organizes encounters and celebrate French and Chinese artists and creativity.


Inspired Marianne, the French feminine symbol represent the French Republic and its values and modern Chinese women, our visual identity and the main key visual is a celebration of modern Chinese and French women, openness, creative and Sino-French cultural collaboration.

We created a main key visual that has been declined on several colors. It has been then developed and adapted on various formats such as : Posters, Booklets, Press releases, Kakemono, newsletters, Email signature, Web Banners, E-flyer, WeChat Stickers, GIFs, Folders, Bag, Note book, Post Cards, Pin – Badges & Eye Mask, Backdrop to motion graphic elements for the video content we produced.

We indeed produced a teaser, filmed interviews, and we’ve been put in charge as part of our communication partnership to film and cover several events from live shows such as dance performance, theater plays, concerts to art.

  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Key Visual
  • Logo Design
  • Print
  • Video Production
  • Visual Identity Guideline
  • Impact

    The Festival Croisementsis the largest French cultural event in the world and the largest of its kind in China, bringing a wide array of French culture to a growing number of cities. In 2018, the festival attracts an audience of more than 800,000 live attendees and 4,221,000 via live-stream. With 68 cultural programs covering: visual arts, theater, dance, classical & contemporary music, film, literature and with an audience of more 19M people since its creation, “Festival Croisements” has become the 1st and most important foreign festival in China and the largest French festival abroad.


    Thanks to  the new visual identity and the content that JITU studio produced, the French Embassy & the French Institute had several objectives : showing a daring, modern and attractive aspect to the Festival, and having a warm & clear communicating through design and video content in order to  building loyalty with existing audiences and strengthen the festival’s image as a renowned cultural festival in China, specifically targeting Chinese audiences.

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